• ATV Biking- The camp has 2 in house ATV bikes. Take a ride in our 38 acres Eco Park, cruising amidst the trees and more trees!
  • Burma Bridge - This activity is specially designed to fan the adventurous spirit in you.You can try this while on a free day from the safaris.
  • Flying Fox- Also commonly known as Zip Line for a thrilling experience!
  • Library- A serene place for book lovers. Unwind from the hectic back-to-back safaris, reading the informative books on Indian Wildlife, Birds etc.
  • Trampoline- An activity for the kids.
  • Nature Walk- Our 38 acres Eco Park offers a perfect opportunity to take a walk in the woods while listening to the melodious chirps of birds
  • Biclying- If you do not like walking, you can take a ride on our biclycles. Take a cycling safari in our lush green Eco Park (forest)